DreamWorld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind


ISBN: 978-0-9794124-9-3

by  Z.B.

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Midwest Book Review July 2020 Reviewer's Bookwatch: An inherently fascinating and thoroughly engaging read from first page to last, "Dreamworld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind" is a unique, extraordinary, informative, ultimately inspiring, and unreservedly recommended addition to community and academic library Contemporary Dream Psychology collections and supplemental studies lists. It should be noted for students, academia, clinical psychologists, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that "Dreamworld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind" is also readily available in a digital book format.

January Magazine: Dreamworld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind is a creative take on dream study that chronicles the adventures of one subject over the course of four years. Everyone dreams. Everyone experiences nightly excitements or unwanted terrors. But few write them down, and many of those memories are lost. Dreamworld’s subject has instead developed a habit over the past ten years: a habit to explore each and every dream and to tell the world of her experiences. But there exists a common belief that dreams are interesting to only the dreamer affected. So why read someone else’s? Because these dreams, these mythical tales and horror stories, are lovingly crafted and wildly weird. They aren’t simply tales to be told and forgotten – they are absurdly fictional events that have taken place within the nonfictional space of an imaginative mind. They are witty, satirical, light-hearted, and at times dark, but they try not to take themselves too seriously. A dream is the simple outcome of a playful mind, after all.


Dreams are odd little treasures, aren’t they? In a way, they’re nothing but middles— experiences with neither formal beginnings nor suitable ends. But what magnificent middles they are.

Dreamworld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind is, then, a simple book of middles: a collection of normally abnormal adventures plucked from pure moments of sleep. It is written to paint a new world, the Dreamworld, as something unique, personal, and unquestionably creative.

This first volume spans 96 stories of skipping, screaming, running, sweating, stabbing, laughing, crying, flying and the occasional death. There are murder mysteries and gender swaps, nightmares and ecstasies, zombie hordes and Nicholas Cage, and all the ridiculous impossibilities existing in between. And that’s just the first four years of it. Hundreds more tales, all of them true, remain yet to be told.

But do not mistake this small book of middles for a guide of symbols and signs; for the key to dreams rarely lies in a dictionary of dictating imagery. Instead reflect, look within, and realize the mind is at play. Try not to fret over horrors and fears, and let your dreams simply be. Because there is a simple joy in recalling the impossible, in discussing the strange, reliving the unreal, and waking from perfect absurdity.


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